My Homelab

Server Proxmox Virtualization Networking pfSense

I've been self-hosting all of my webbased services and websites at home for many years, but as the number of websites, services and mismatched dependencies grew, I started to see the light; Virtualization.

After a couple of years I was introduced to pfSense and started using that. At first I ran it as a VM in VirtualBox, but after a year I build my own custom box, giving a bit more resources than it needed at the time.

I've had my own private Proxmox cluster since 2020, with a TrueNAS storage backend for backups and as external storage of bigger datasets.
The cluster has had many revisions, from two to five physical machines, currently it consists of four machines, three low power NUC's and a home-build machine.

Due to the amount of services I'm hosting (and because I hate the SSL-warning in modern browsers), I've setup a HAproxy on my pfSense box, with LetsEncrypt wildcard certificates. Now all of my services have legit SSL-certificates.

It didn't take long before the cluster was running out of resources, so I started looking for solutions.
The solution I settled on was re-installing all of my machines, to a combination of LXC's and VM's running Debian, instead of only VM's running Ubuntu Server.
All the LAMP-servers got reinstalled as LXC's, reducing resource usage a lot and increasing the speed of the website a noticeable amount.